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Fluoropolymers are Fluoro-Carbon-Compounds, with outstanding chemical properties and high temperature resistance.


PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) consists only of C and F atoms, which build a helix-like monofilament chain, without sidechains.

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) The development of PTFE was a significant breakthrough in polymer sciences. The special processing requirements of PTFE led researchers to develop a melt processable version of PTFE - resulting in FEP. This new resin was compatible with existing processing methods and equipment. Melt processability also allowed for long continuous extrusions of FEP in applications such as wire and cable.

While similar to PTFE, FEP has some distinct differences. It has a slightly higher coefficient of friction, lower continuous service temperature, and is more transparent than PTFE. FEP also has better gas and vapor permeability properties and excellent UV transmission ratings.

PFA (Tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoro(alkoxy vinyl ether) - Copolymer) PFA was developed to increase the continuous service temperature of FEP resin. Due to the alkoxy sidechains, PFA is meltable and thermoplastic processable.

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