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microFlon® Sheet Gasketing

microstructured PTFE Gasket Sheets with Inorganic Fillers

DatasheetmicroFlon BLUE

microFlon PTFE Gasket Sheet with hollow glass microspheres - TA-Luft / DVGW certified - FDA conforming


microFlon® BLUE is the new generation of  microstructured, reinforced PTFE gasketing materials.

Due to the very homogenous distribution of hollow glass microspheres, microFlon® BLUE gets its uniform density and a high adaptability.

It assimilates to flange roughness and unevenness, applying just low gasket stress, and reduces surface diffusion to the minimum.

Even at increased temperatures microFlon® BLUE shows its advantages. Low compressive creep and high stableness lead to a reliable jointing.

With this microFlon® BLUE is the optimum PTFE gasketing for all flanges with slightly damaged surfaces, distorted flanges, or fragile components.

Typical Applications

piping systems, apparatus flanges, also with reduced gasket stress or damaged surface

steel, metal alloy, glass, ceramics or plastics flanges, glass lined and rubber lined piping systems

highly aggressive media, except for molten alkali metals and fluorine gas.

Technical Data

100 % virgin PTFE, with hollow glass microspheres

Temperature Range of the material
-210°C to +260°C

Chemical Resistanceview certificateview certificate
resistant to all media in the range of pH 0 to 14, except for molten and
dissolved alkali metals and elemental fluorine gas at high temperatures
and pressures

Recommended Application Range
Vacuum up to 55 bar, from ambient to +250°C
(also in combination, up to 40 bar*)

Tests and Certificates
proven according to TA-Luft (VDI 2440) up to 250 °C
conforming to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 (PTFE)
and 21 CFR 170.30(b) (Glass Bubbles)
Extraction Limits according 21 CFR 177.1550 § (e)(3)
DVGW tested and certified according DIN 3535-6 : 2011-01

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